Digital Media And Marketing Predictions For This Year

Last year, there was a shift in technology, digital marketing and social media. The internet started to be everything about video, the influencer marketing got mainstream, and digital marketers are finding a way in order to connect the business outcomes with their efforts in social media. The Social Times asked several digital marketing and technology […]

Cost Effective Ideas For A Profitable Business

The Entrepreneur India listed some unique business ideas for people looking to start their own business this year. Here are some top trending business ideas from them. Virtual Assistant For those that consider themselves techies having marketable skillsets, they can try more than just social media marketing or content writing in the online stage. They […]

Engagement Rings And Pandora Are Top In Christmas Wish Lists

Engagement rings’ online searches are expected to reach almost 6 million over the coming weeks, while Pandora is going to be the most searched jewellery brand. Online search predictions This is from a jewellery company that used Google data tools to predict the Christmas consumer trends for jewellery. United States based company Karus Chains predicted […]

Ways For Firms To Prepare As Legal Claims Increase Against CPAs

Data from CPA Mutual, an accounting firm liability insurance provider and a national risk retention group, indicated that firm claims having real expenses paid grew to 41% since 1998. On average, one liability matter can be experienced by accounting firms for every 38 employees annually. Liability matters for accounting firms This is not due to […]

Who Should Take Windows Server Training Courses

Windows Server is composed of a group of operating systems developed and designed by Microsoft. It supports data storage, small and medium enterprise management, communications and applications. While the previous versions of Windows Server centred on networking, stability, security and certain enhancements on the file system, the latest release of Windows Server centres on cloud […]

Investigation On The Economic Efficiency Of £9 Billion Private Financing Scheme

Audit Scotland and the Accounts Commission, Scotland’s public spending watchdogs are planning to scrutinize a multibillion pound scheme that will build privately funded roads, schools and hospitals after some serious doubts were raised regarding value for money. The inquiry on Scottish privately financed NPD (non-profit distribution) programme after it breached EU rules on government spending […]

Immigrants Help In Filling The Gap As Trucking Industry Continue To Face Shortage Of Qualified Drivers

As demand for jobs for truck drivers continue to soar an all-time high, the industry increasingly depends on help from drivers from the rest of the world. This is visible in different long-haul stops for trucks where truck drivers spend their 8-hour break to shower, eat or sleep. The truck stops are filled with multi-national […]

Clean Schools Keeps Kids In The Classroom – Tips For Cleaning Schools Effectively

Schools provide a good hotspot for breeding influenza virus, or flu. So to keep the kids in and the virus out, schools must take sanitizing rather seriously. A clean school promotes an excellent environment for education, and a higher success rate for students. Assessment Start with assessing the school grounds – which areas are always […]