2018 As An Impressive Year For Nintendo

For the last 20 years, Nintendo PlayStation console has been used by families to play games. Until now, the console has remained as one of the most popular in the market particularly with the introduction of Nintendo Switch, the best selling game console for 2018. However, the question is whether there are cheap CD keys for Nintendo that are just as entertaining as other games.  

2018 was a good year for Nintendo because it earned more revenue from its games that any other publisher. Nintendo Switch was the best-selling video game console besting the likes of Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One. At least 8.7 million Nintendo Switch units were sold in the United States since it was launched in March 2017 up to November 2018.

According to a report from NPD Group, the December sales for Nintendo Switch were the highest ever for any console since Nintendo Wii in December 2009. For its second anniversary in March 2019, the Japanese company expects to ship 38 million Nintendo Switch consoles worldwide. Bloomberg has also reported that Nintendo is on schedule to fulfill its shipment of 35 million consoles to retailers.

Nintendo Switch is the newest of among major video game platforms because both Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One were released way back in 2013. Nintendo Wii was released in December 2009 with outstanding sales.

In an interview with Sensei News, Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa said their company’s goal is ambitious but they will continue to aim higher. There are rumors that Nintendo is planning an upgrade for the Switch hardware in the near future. However, Furukawa said that the company is sticking to its current plans with no price cuts or future successor to Switch. The most anticipated game, Metroid Prime 4 failed to meet company standards and development is being started from scratch.

When comparing cheap CD keys for Nintendo PlayStation games, it is important to remember that some games have passed the test of time and have survived. For example Pirates of the Caribbean allows you to enjoy the experiences of its characters through 70 different levels of difficulty. It is definitely worth every penny you paid for the game.