4 Tips For Productive Team Bonding Activities

If you are planning to have a team building activity, you have two best options; one is to hire a professional facilitator or you can research on the internet and conduct the event with the help of your team mates. One of the advantages of hiring professional facilitators is they are trained and skilled enough to conduct team bonding activities so you can be sure of the quality of the event.

If you are going to hire a professional facilitator, you would be asked to fill out a form before the activity is conducted. Indicate your organization’s specific requirements including your expectations from the activity. To ensure quality and productive event, keep the following things in mind when filling out the form for the facilitators. The form will guide the facilitators on how they are going to conduct the event to ensure that you will achieve the activity goals.

Consider the activity objectives

Every team building activity has its own objectives. There are team building activities that are designed to improve internal communication within the organization while there activities that are geared toward achieving a more cohesive team. You can indicate a number of objectives but make sure that your team bonding activitieswill help in achieving these goals.

Revisit organizational values

When an employee has been with the organization for too long, he has the tendency to forget organizational values especially if he has a lot of deliverables. A team building activity is one way to revisit organizational values and re-embrace them again.

Make it suitable for all

Suggest for games and activities that can be participated by everyone in the team. Consider those who have physical incapacities, pregnant women or those with medical conditions. You can assign minor roles or those that will not require them to move around such as score keepers or watchers.

Suitable activities for the venue

Lastly, to ensure productive team bonding activities, choose the right venue. Make sure that your activities can be handled by the venue or you will have extra space during the activity. If you are going to have the activity in an indoor venue, consider the space required for tables, chairsand others.