A New Business Venture For Lowe’s

The smart home solution that was developed by Lowe’s is now announcing the new security feature that will be added to the brand. The device which has a brand name Iris will now have a new feature as long as the customers who are using them are willing to subscribe to a monthly payment scheme.

The second quarter of 2016, Lowe’s will start to offer customers who will buy the Iris smart home device an option to subscribe to services that will provide professional monitoring. This additional service will cost the subscribers a fixed monthly payment of $19.99. This monitoring service is made possible with Lowe’s partnership with United Central Control Inc. For customers who will avail of this new service, either homeowner or renters that have purchased the Iris smart home product, they will be given access to contact directly any emergency responders to their place in unfortunate events such as panic alarms, smoke, intrusion and carbon monoxide danger. The monthly payment is all-inclusive and will be collected monthly with no long-term contract.

According to the Iris Home System’s vice president and general manager, Mick Koster, there are many customers that have voiced their interest in a round the clock protection service that will ensure them that there will be love professionals who will help them anytime they require assistance in case any trouble occurs. These customers have also expressed their need for a service that is affordable yet flexible – a thing that Iris could offer.

Koster shared that Iris’ method of installation is very easy and the wireless system can be installed by the homeowners without professional help. With the additional professional monitoring service that is not only reliable and affordable, the all-inclusive package will prove to be a good deal to many homeowners and renters who are interested into having their very own home security system.

Since this new service is optional, customers will still have the freedom to self-monitor with the help of Iris home system or they could hire the professional monitoring service for their peace of mind. Aside from Iris, there are other many options for home security system depending on the need and requirement of homeowners and renters, check out 1stresponsealarms.com.