Adam Demos Shares His Journey From Being One Of The Many Roof Tilers In Sydney To Becoming A Rising Star

Construction workers and roof tilers in Sydney can now know the secret behind Adam Demos’ success towards stardom as he stars in the third season of the drama UnREAL.


Humble Beginning


Australian actor Adam Demos did not start off with life handed to him on a silver platter. In fact, he was one of the many roof tilers in Sydney, New South Wales before he pursued an acting career abroad. He wanted to travel, so he picked up odd jobs, working in demolition, in a roofing company owned by his friend’s dad, and at the Port Kembla steelworks. Eventually, he’s had enough of it and decided to try acting.


Getting Started


One main problem that he had was that starting a career in acting was difficult without knowing anyone in the industry. He began working on his skills by taking acting courses for beginners in Sydney. Back then, the entertainment industry seemed too foreign for his friends that he had to tell them that he was working overtime instead of telling the truth. Eventually, he began taking small roles in Home and Away, as well as Winners and Losers. After that, Australian director and actress Zoe Carides picked him to star in her plays. He has never been to a play at that point, and it was an all-new experience for him.


The Big Break


Last year was the big break in Adam’s career as he got to play Nate Baldwin in Janet King, a drama on ABC, and eventually learned about UnREAL.


After finding out that he got the role, he flew to Canada but was unprepared for the cold—something that the acting school never prepared him for. He says that the show was set in Los Angeles, although they were filming in Vancouver. He explains that it was interesting for his character to walk not wearing clothes in such a cold country.



Now, he got the role of August, an Australian surfer who joined the Peace Corps in an attempt to help save the world. Adam says that his journey has been crazy and that his mom wears his UnREAL beanie all summer.