Advantage Of Creative Learning To Students In Southeast Asia

Maria Montessori was the first woman to have a degree in medicine in 1896 and it was not the norm for women to do so during that time. This is considered an important milestone in history but she went on later in life to create a much more permanent impact when it comes to teaching.

Montessori was the one who challenged the very way of teaching that every school before her has – a system of education wherein the teacher is the center during class. According to her, the child should be the one leading the class instead. She then decided to consolidate all her methods as well as her philosophies in a single book and published it in 1909. It motivated the countless teachers who are not in favor of the traditional teaching system.

During a visit to the campus of the Phnom Penh Montessori International School located in the northwest part of the capital of Cambodia, children of different ages can be seen focusing on many tasks while the teachers are only there to guide from a distance. According to the principal of the school, Chamroeun Koun, the teachers’ role at the school is only to be the facilitator, the observer as well as record keeper. The classrooms are consists of children with multi-age in order to prepare them for the real world.

The belief of Montessori is that children are naturally active learners and they should be able to acquire certain skills depending on their cognitive development. This is why the classrooms at Montessori schools are consists of materials that are specially designed for the development of every child.

Another belief is that the spirit of discovery of a child should be motivated because it will result to their desire to learn as they grown older. This is why Montessori lets the student explore their classrooms in their own freewill.

Two examples of Montessori taught students are Sergey Brin and Larry Page, both are now renowned renovators and they are the one responsible for Google.

Just like teaching in a Montessori school where there are certain beliefs followed, one must also learn to adapt to new things if they plan teaching English in Thailand.