Amazon Challenges Fake Reviews Through One-Tap Rating Strategy

Based on studies, it is more likely for a consumer to purchase a product or service from companies that have excellent reviews. The popularity of online reviews has grown over the past years. Nowadays, it is typical for a consumer searching for a digital agency to read King Kong online agency reviews to determine whether brand new techniques and strategies are used in the implementation of SEO.

Amazon is still being challenged by fake reviews. This is the reason why the online retailer decided to introduce one-tap ratings for product review that allows shoppers to provide a star rating without the need to leave a comment or opinion.  

Amazon’s strategy resulted into an increase in overall customer feedback. The online retailer gained a competitive advantage over competitors including brick-and-mortar stores. New products are generating feedback for Amazon which could boost new brands and sellers. However, industry observers believe that there will be an indirect impact in authentic ratings. It will be more difficult for fake reviews to break through the noise generated by authentic ratings.

According to Patrick Miller, co-founder of Flywheel Digital, as the number of ratings increase, shoppers can expect more accurate reviews. For brands selling through Amazon, this means that black hat review clubs and sellers will have less impact.

The new rating feature arrived at a time when fake product reviews have started to gain the attention of Amazon, media and regulators. Last year, Federal Trade Commission settled a complaint made against an Amazon seller who bought fake 5-star reviews for weight-loss supplement. Amazon has also filed 5 lawsuits regarding fake review schemes over the last 5 years.

Fake positive reviews encourage shoppers to purchase poor quality merchandise or bad and faulty products that can be dangerous. The new rating system will be a barrier that will be more difficult to game. Written reviews from non-verified shoppers will no longer be allowed by Amazon.

There is nothing more trustworthy than reviews from a company’s own employees. If you will take a look at King Kong online agency reviews, you will notice that most of the opinions and comments come from its employees who are the best sources of inside information.