Aprilia’s Lowes Challenged For Riding Solo

During the recently concluded Malaysian Moto GP, Aprilia motorbikes were able to take the spotlight through the brand’s only rider, Sam Lowes. He took on the challenge of riding alone after his team mate, Aleix Espargaro, suffered a hand injury during his session at the Phillip Island.

Lowes did not hide his disappointed because the Spaniard teammate was not able to participate. The event was a good thing for him though as he was able to get a few technical updated regarding the event that took place in Sepang. Lowes is expected to go back to Moto2 in the following season.

He said that he and Espargaro have a very good relation as teammates and seeing him injured was not a very good experience for Lowes. He added that he felt sorry for the Spaniard because he was not able to ride during the Malaysian Moto GP.

Though he preferred to have Aleix by his side during the competition, he was also glad that he was able to take on more than he was originally given. He admitted that the track they took on had a couple of spots where all riders are flat out but he was glad they were offered something that could help them overcome it.

They were able to test the mileage and he received a new engine before the competition. He got a few bits such as gearbox. He was happy that his bike was able to improve and he was able to try out the latest wing fairing which he used on Phillip Island but only on a single bike. Before the competition, he was able to test it on both.

During their practice session in Phillip Island, there were 22 riders and Lowes took the 19th spot. He was able to explore more during his competition at Sepang.

They changed a couple of things from his bike in Phillip Islands and they were able to apply those changes during the Malaysian MotoGP.

Though he was proud to be showcasing Aprilia Motorbikes, this month of November he is going to introduce his skills for the KTM Moto2. Aside from this, his there will be changes from Lowes current team as well.