Australia’s Largest Waste-To-Fuel Plant Is Now Turning The Country’s Rubbish Into A Coal Replacement

Aussie environmental services company Resource Co, which handles waste across the country, from skip bin hire in Northern Beaches to recycling, has recently opened a multi-million dollar facility that’ll cut down on waste by turning rubbish destined for the landfill into fuel.

Located in West Sydney’s Wetherill Park, the resource recovery facility will process a quarter tonne of waste annually, which would make it the largest facility of its kind in the country.

The Process Engineered Fuel (PEF) produced by the plants will reduce the country’s dependence on fossil fuels, which the world burns 20 billion of annually. Australia is one of the highest global burners of fossil fuels, going through 100,000 tonnes of coal on its own annually.

The plant will be taking in waste from around 50,000 trucks that would’ve headed for a landfill annually, sorting recyclable materials from the non-recyclable waste. The non-recyclable waste, which include many plastics, will be turned into the dry pulp known as PEF, which can be used in place of coal and gas in cement kilns.

According the CEO of Sustainable Energy Ben Sawley, ResourceCo, the plant will cut down on greenhouse gas emissions by replacing 100,000 tones of coal usageĀ  annually, and cutting down on greenhouse gas emission volumes, which amount to approximately 20,000 cars.

The company’s site says that using PEF improves environmental outcomes by cutting down on greenhouse gas produced for every tonne of cement produced.

A similar plant was proposed for Eastern Creek, but the plant was an incinerator, which led to protests regarding concerns of pollution and fumes, eventually being outright refused.

The ResourceCo plant is not located in a residential area, but surrounded by already established factories, avoiding concerns about a plant that handle stuff from skip bin hire in Northern Beaches and other waste.

The new plant will provide 50 jobs to locals and supply its PEF to Boral, the largest construction material company in the country.

As a country, the AU creates 64 million tonnes of waste annually but only recycles 35 million of it. According to Environment and Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg, Australia only uses 4% of its waste as energy source, which he says is a stark contrast to other countries.