Bathroom Fittings For The Health Conscious

A new line of bathroom fitting collection has been released by Dornbracht. These are pieces inspired by facilities used in spas such as a massaging shower that is able to aim at three points of the human spine as well as a tap meant to be utilized for facials at home.
The design brand originated in Germany and the new product line is called LifeSpa. The concept was revealed during the ISH trade held this year in Frankfurt.
According to the brand, their new bathroom design concept targets health conscious homeowners. These products are meant to imitate facilities used in spas but installed in a home environment instead. The rising demand for wellness treatments prompted the company to release the line.
Andreas Dornbracht, the managing director of the brand, shared that they foresee preventive health care to be done at home instead of going to specific facilities.
He also added that water applications can benefit the lifestyle of health enthusiasts in so many ways. It is not only advantageous to a person’s physical fitness but it can also enhance one’s life energy and mental aspect.
During the company’s presentation at the ISH, every product was set up in a domestic setting. One of the products presented was the Vertical Shower – it features a number of outlet points as well as different flow modes such as heavy water drops and powerful streams perfect for massaging.
There are two massage jets, WaterCurve and WaterFan, which are able to hit the lumbar vertebrae, thoracic vertebrae and the neck area. Adjustments can be made to the height of the jets so it can be used no matter the user’s height.
The shower trio was referred to by Dornbracht as the Aquapressure which he got from the word acupressure.
According to Christoph Stumpe, a therapist who is working hand in hand with Dornbracht to create the new massage jets, aquapressure creates a harmony between the muscle tones and the body will have a positive effect when it comes to pain it experiences. Through the help of aquapressure, the blood flow is intensified and the energy flow is stimulated to help in a person’s mobility.
Homeowners can purchase the new products and hire among bathroom fitters Sheffield to do the installation.