BBC’s iPlayer – The Move From Adobe’s Flash To HTML5

BBC’s iPlayer has become available through HTML5 web language but at the expense of Adobe’s Flash Player. This broadcaster’s media service used to be one of the most prominent online platforms that use Adobe Flash Player but it has been criticized by security experts that said it was a weak point in many sites.

The use of Flash has been decreasing and this move by BBC iPlayer will deal a further blow but it will not totally kill the Adobe product. In a blog post, BBC has announced its decision to move to HTML5 so that it could achieve the playback quality that people expect from BBC without using the third party plug-in like Flash Player.

Users who were invited by BBC to view their site can set a cookie on their browsers that will allow them to access HTML5 player in case they want to visit iPlayer in the future. The Flash version remains available in spite of BBC’s decision to upgrade to HTML5.

According to BBC, it has been testing the new player on a range of browsers that include Google Chrome on all platforms, Firefox 41 and Safari on iOS5. Other browsers that have chosen for the test include Opera 32, Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 and Blackberry OS 10.3.1. BBC further added that it was going to move away from BBC Media Player app on Android devices with users invited to try a limited beta test.

James East who is BBC’s product manager for media playout said that they have been working for the last few months to upgrade the existing HTML5 player so that it can be usable on different platforms like desktops, smartphones and tablet computers.

The HTML player will be improved so that it will match the abilities of Flash Player and so that its design and functionality can be further refined. Most video programs will be available on HTML5 on iPlayer immediately but if it takes longer to play, users can opt to use the old players.

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