Bethesda Explains Starfield Development Costs May Continue To Rise

Many gamers hope to buy games for cheap, and why not? Games are great and all but not everyone may be financially capable to enjoy them. How much a game costs is affected by the creator’s budget and how much work and resources they put into the creation of the game. Having said that, some games can be created cheaply, but Bethesda explains that its upcoming sci-fi game Starfield costs a lot in development.


AAA Game Starfield

Gamers hoping to buy games for cheap may have to look into different merchants to get the best deal they can if they want to play the upcoming game Starfield.


In an interview with Yahoo, Pete Hines from Bethesda explains that the cost of the development of the game has been continuously going higher since its inception in 2015. Three years later, he explains that the cost could potentially continue to soar.


He explains that games nowadays are so diverse that one cannot simply say that the development and general cost of all games is increasing. Some games could remain cheap, but not those as massive as Starfield.


Pete Hines adds that Morrowind had 35 people in its team before, and Fallout 76 had so much more than that. Legends did not require as much team members, but Starfield definitely needs a larger team for its development. He further explains that the cost of creating a game relies on how broad the scope is and how massive it is going to be. This makes sense, of course, as not all games are created with the same level of intricacies, graphics, gameplay, and interface. Some may work well with a simpler menu and controls, but others could be more complicated. Therefore, it is not too easy to say whether all games would be more expensive over time.


While Starfield has been in development for three years now, Hines explains that its scope is so massive that it would be a while before its official release. Some even predict that it wouldn’t be launched on the current generation of consoles we have today, although it isn’t set it stone yet. Bethesda explains that it is going to be special according to their reports.