Blue Water Getaway

It has always been relaxing to be able to go on the beach on weekends, holidays, or even on days when you feel like having a vacation. In fact, looking through the stretch of the sea is one of the most relaxing and fulfilling things to do. However, imagine having your vacation not only on the golden sandy shores but on the middle of a deep blue sea with the best persons, with the best facilities, and with the best staff. Simply put, imagine yourself relaxing on a grandiose yacht. Chances are you just can’t wait for the day when your yacht will finally set sail. In Thailand, that is more than possible as one could now have a luxury yacht hire in Phuket.

Generally, spending time with family, friends, and even relatives would feel so good as all of you get to feel the sea breeze come cooling your faces and combing your hair. Keeping in mind the quality of the experience that each passenger would get, the Isabella Yachts know which picturesque places to visit. 

In addition, giving each passenger the freedom to customize their own vacation has also been one of the most outstanding services that the Isabella Yachts has to offer. More so, if one wants to stop on a particular island along the route, then the company could gladly grant their request. To enumerate, there are a multitude of sea vessels that Isabelle Yachts has in store for all of its customers. This include the Leopard 43, the Prestige 500, the Princess 42, the Luxury Party Catamaran 78 FT, the Riva Dolce Vita 70 FT, and the Princess V39 among others. Depending on the type of vessel, the number of people that could be accommodated could even reach up to ninety-eight. With the astounding world-class facilities housed within its parameters, the rates could be as low as eighteen thousand Baht and could just balloon to a couple of hundred thousands.

All in all, despite all the demands of one’s life in school, at home, or in a corporate world, it is still very important to take a break from time to time. Hence, If you’re looking forward to have a luxury yacht hire in Phuket, then rest assured that with the Isabella Yachts, everything would be worth the blue water getaway.