Bond For Roof Repairs And Restroom Upgrades Being Sought By Rock Hill Schools

Rock Hill, South Carolina – April 29, 2015 – It is important for homes to be constantly upgraded, especially the parts that provide the most convenience like the roofs that may need roof repairs. This is because houses provide warmth, shelter and a living space for people. But homes are not the only ones who should be upgraded. Schools are a fundamental place for learning that is why it is also important that they are maintained and kept at a hundred percent. To do that, roof repairs and maintenance should be conducted, rooms should be upgraded and old replaced.

Sadly, Rock Hill’s Sullivan Middle School is long overdue for upgrades. The school’s current state can be definitely but it’s not because of lack of concern. In fact, the schools in Rock Hill have been seeking bonds to help them conduct roof repairs and restroom upgrades.

The windows of Sullivan Middle School now have a cloudy film that is impossible to clean and remove. The window seals are mostly cracked and their restrooms definitely have seen better days. Some of the bathrooms even date back when the school was called Rock Hill High School in 1959 and according to the maintenance workers, the repairs would cost quite a lot as well as difficult.

But on Tuesday, if Rock Hill would vote for the borrowing $101 million for the various improvements of the district schools which would last for five years. According to the school board, it may be possible to borrow the money without having the taxes increasing through a bond issue because a portion of the debt will have already been paid once the new debt has been added.

And if this bond is approved, then all of the schools will greatly benefit from it. For building repairs and improvement, $13.3 million will be released which is about 12 percent of the money. This would allow Sullivan Middle School to replace large sections of their roof replaced and also upgrading their restrooms.

According to the officials of Sullivan Middle School, maintaining the school has become a challenge over the past years but if the bond is ever passed then it would make a great difference.