Bride To Pay $115,000 To Photographer Due To Online Slandering

Every business owner knows how important it is to have a good reputation. In the wedding industry, photographers such as make sure that they have a good impression with their clients in order to keep their business floating. In Canada, a wedding photographer is now suffering from damages to her business because of the online posts of a vengeful bride.

The bride is Emily Liao who hired Amara Wedding, a photography company. After the wedding was over, the bride posted false and slandering accusation against the business for the next 12 months. The matter was taken to court and according to the judge the integrity of the business owner was attacked continuously by the bride while pointing out that malice is the reason behind these actions.

Ms. Liao claimed that she is not satisfied with how her pre-wedding photos turned out. Furthermore, she thinks that she did not receive a fair treatment as a customer.

The ruling was released on February of this year by Justice Gordon Weatherill of the British Columbia Supreme Court. The judge said that the bride failed to show proof that it is right for her to feel disappointed with the results.

The judge added that it was not a coincidence that Amara Wedding’s business went for a nose dive after bad reviews have been posted about them online. This resulted to the decision of the owner to close their business in January of last year.

Court documents revealed that Ms. Liao posted on various social media platforms about her complaints regarding Amara Wedding. She used both English and the Chinese language to convey her disappointment and used strong words against Kitty Chan who is the owner of the business. She claimed the business to be a scam and that Ms. Chan is lying and using dirty tactics to get customers.

The bride started posting derogatory comments on August of 2015 and the matter was brought to the court where Ms. Chan’s counterclaim won. She said that despite Ms. Liao asking for apologies using the social media platforms, her business has already been ruined. It will serve as a lesson to anyone that posting false information online can have consequences.