Budget Tips For A Modern Wedding

Weddings are not cheap events. This is not always true but commercialism has brought the industry to a whole new level from wedding caterers in Sydney to the venue they have to pay for. Not to mention the pressure couples face when preparing for their big day. ABC asked couples on budget tips to help those who are in the planning phase. According to majority of the couple, the best way to save is to go for a small wedding ceremony and reception. It is recommended to invite only those people you really want to share your wedding day with. While everyone you know might expect an invitation, don’t let the pressure get to you and remember that it is your special day and not theirs.

A couple from Victoria, Tony Guseli and Helen Stevens, said that got married with only their parents in attendance along with the wedding celebrant. After the wedding, they made a public announcement through social media. Helen said that they wanted to focus on their commitment rather than invest their time in planning a wedding. The food was cooked by the groom’s mother and they forgo getting a cake since no one will eat it, according to them. After the wedding, they invited friends and family for a casual barbecue party thus they were able to save not just money but emotional stress as well.

One of the biggest expenses in a wedding is the bride’s bridal wear. Couples commented that instead of buying, the bride-to-be should look into buying dresses that are off the rack or they could go for a hand-me-down. If someone in the family could sew, it would save a lot of money or they could go online and find a bargain.

While it is tempting to meet the expectations of other people, the couple must remember that it is their wedding and they should not spend it on things that do not matter. It is better to invest more of the budget on food and beverages by choosing among the best wedding caterers in Sydney or they could hire the best wedding singers for an entertaining reception.