Business Sectors Of Rhenus Lupprians

Being a company that has been in the business for more than 3 decades already, many different companies have engaged in the services of the Lupprians. The varied clients of Rhenus make it a versatile and diversified company in the field of logistics services.

The business areas covered by include contract logistics, port logistics, public transport, and freight logistics. The logistical distribution system of Rhenus is matchless when it comes to healthcare, printing, high-technology telecommunications, banking, retail, rail, power, engineering, and construction logistics.

Some of the business sectors served by the Lupprians come from various types of industries that require a reputable logistics provider as well as skilled people to handle their logistics needs. The following are some of the clients of the Lupprians who are greatly satisfied by service experience that the company has offered them.

  1. Print and Imaging – the Lupprians provide a complete logistics cycle of the printing industry that includes project management, installations of office equipment, periodic maintenance, exchanges, and reverse logistics.
  2. Robotics Equipment – Rhenus has the latest equipment and skilled workers in the delivery and installation of robotics for the telecommunications, printing, healthcare, retail, and other industries.
  3. Fitness – the methods of the Lupprians are bespoke and flexible that suit the needs of each client and project for a thorough evaluation of the services.
  4. Telecommunications – Rhenus has a good track record of services in the telecommunications industry in the installation of their complex network that includes wireless and fixed wire projects.
  5. Gaming and Vending – The Lupprians’ vending and gaming machine logistics include a variety of machine types that require careful and safe delivery and installation which Rhenus is adequately capable of delivering.
  6. Plant and Power Systems –Power is a crucial part of any modern industry. It requires a trustworthy logistics provider to handle the intricate installation services of the system.

More complex industries are coming out that requires a reliable logistics provider to handle and manage the transport of their equipment securely and safely. Logistics services entail experience, modern facilities, competent workers, and integrity, among others to be able to provide the required services that suit the needs of each client.