Businesses Creating Products From Scrap Tires

Good news for all companies that handle tire junk hauling Orange County and across California, as the California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery recently allocated money in order to give financial support to companies inthe state.

The department set aside $2.9 million to grant funding to nine companies in California via their Cal Recycle’s Tire Incentive Program, for reimbursing businesses based on what products they’ve sold. The program is aimed at creating financial incentives  for companies to competitively price and market products created from recylced products.

CalRecycle Director Scott Smithline says that using recycled materials for the creation of products has a lot of associated upfront costs but the long term benefits, to the environment as well as to human welfare, make such investments good for California, as well as the world at large. For California, Smithline says, these investments help support their recycling infrastructure and market that they need to ‘close the loop’, and turn their waste volumes into supply.

All of the junk hauling Orange County and California businesses, alongside the state, manage more than 48 millionscrap tires annually. According to sales projection, grant recipients will stop about 20.6 million pounds of California-generated crumb rubber from being left to rot in landfills, which amount to about 1.7 million, over the next 2 years.

The grant’s recipients are:

  • Environmental Molding Concepts;
  • Herbert Malarkey Roofing Company;
  • Millennium Molding, Inc.;
  • MBTechnology;
  • TrafFix Devices, Inc.;
  • Three D Plastics, Inc.;
  • US Rubber Recycling, Inc.;
  • United Sports Surfacing of America, Inc., and;
  • Van Duerr Industries, Inc.

These grant recipients are manufacturers  that create a range of products utilizing recycled tires, which include, but are not limited to, rubber tiles, roofing, shingles, surfacing, wheelchair ramps, as well as offering services like rooftop repair.

Alongside programs that incentivize companies that properly handle junk hauling Orange County and across the state, CalRecycle also has several tire-related grant programs, aimed at providing opportunities to get tires away from landfills, prevent illegal tire dumping, as well as promoting markets for tire programs. The funding for these programs are acquired from the fees from new tires sold in the state.