Businesses May Be Forced To Close Down If Break-Ins Continue

Burglars can hit the home or business at the most inconvenient time. It makes sense to be proactive with security measures by calling on Brisbane Northside locksmiths to provide the best security solutions. This is particularly true for homes and businesses in areas that where crime is prevalent.

At the Durban business park, a group of businesses have been victims of more than 40 separate instances of robbery and break-ins. Police have made investigations but there were no arrests. The business owners in Umgeni Business Park in Springfield decided to meet to find solutions to stop the robberies.

Francis Smith, owner of a consultancy firm was robbed twice within a month and lost all his computers. His security solution was to hire private foot patrol security. Barry Ware, owner of a sporting goods business in Intersite Avenue has experienced 5 burglaries in one year. The thieves were not able to enter the store but stole the copper pipes stored at the back of the business.

According to the business owners, a bush located behind the strip is a main concern. The location of the business park is in front of a railway wire fence and separated by a thick bush where thieves come through.

Rosie Govindsamy, owner of a panel beating and spares store, said that her business was a victim of 3 break-ins in four years. The thieves entered through the roof and took R50000 worth of equipment. If the burglaries continue, businesses might be forced to close down. Small businesses create employment and pay taxes. If they close down, many people will be affected.

Businesses spend money on security. Since they are taxpayers, they are entitled to protection from the police. The high density of the bushes and the fact that it belongs to different entity makes it difficult for the police to plan operations.

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