Canada Teamsters Not In Favor Of Bringing In Foreign Truck Drivers

Canada Teamsters union is currently shooting down a proposal that will allow trucking company based in Ontario to hire foreign workers as truck drivers. This is despite the urgent call from the industrial sector of Canada under trucking that they are in need of additional workers. They do not mind hiring workers coming from foreign countries in order to ensure that freight in the country continues to move.

The issue is proof of the challenge that trucking companies based on either side of the borders of the United States are facing when it comes to hiring new truck drivers in order to meet the current demand of the industry. This is despite the fact that the pay rates of truck drivers have already been increased. In the entire Canada, Ontario is the number one in terms of employment gains in the previous year as the unemployment rate stands at 5.4 per cent.

Last month, the unemployment rate of the entire country of Canada climbed to 5.6 per cent which is higher compared to the United States with only 3.9 per cent still Statistics Canada revealed that the number is considered the lowest level in the last four decades. Job rates in warehousing along with transportation have increased by 15,000 all over Canada for the month of December.

The bottom line is that the low unemployment rates present a hard challenge to fill in the vacancies for truck drivers. According to the Ontario Trucking Association, they have pleaded with the provincial government of Ontario in the previous month to allow them to develop a pilot program that will make it possible for trucking companies to tap into the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program which is the same initiative used to recruit workers in the construction and agricultural industry.

For a while now, the provincial association is in favor of utilizing immigration in order to find truck drivers. The programs of immigration work all over Canada are not the same in each province. A number of jurisdictions are willing to give permanent residency to qualified immigrant truck drivers but this is not the case with Ontario.