Patterns Emerge In The Way Addicts Try To Excuse Themselves Of Wrongdoings?

Harvey Weinstein has probably topped the list with the most number of public allegations made against him for sexual harassment, in a short period of time. Multiple eminent personalities for the movie making industry have accused him of sexual harassment and rape, and thus he has been charged with multiple counts of criminal charges where […]

IBM Blockchain Heading For Food Safety

IBM has recently just released a new offering for its Blockchain medical IT solutions platform, made with collaborations with food providers, aimed at improving food safety and automated billing. The tech giant has dubbed their product as the industry’s first enterprise-ready offering, which comes with complimentary support services allowed by a collaboration with the relevant […]

Why It Is Important For The Universal Coverage Scheme To Be Reformed

Thailand’s Universal Coverage (UC) scheme is aimed at providing medical care for all Thais. The system is managed by National Health Security Office (NHSO) so that patients can be treated for free for certain illnesses. The universal coverage will bridge the gap between the rich and poor that are obtaining medical services. However, 16 years […]

Clean Schools Keeps Kids In The Classroom – Tips For Cleaning Schools Effectively

Schools provide a good hotspot for breeding influenza virus, or flu. So to keep the kids in and the virus out, schools must take sanitizing rather seriously. A clean school promotes an excellent environment for education, and a higher success rate for students. Assessment Start with assessing the school grounds – which areas are always […]