AWS’s Ed Start Bringing Together Local Education Startups

While not every Secondary School in Thailand works with online learning solutions and education startups, they have become more and more popular across the country. In response, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has recently moved into the market to capitalize on one of Thailand’s fastest growing industries. The company’s newest program, educational tech startup accelerator EdStart, […]

3D Printed Dentures: 2019’s Dental Advancement

There are a number of reasons for dental professionals to be excited for today’s advancement in the world of dentistry. One of these is the birth of 3D printed dentures. Dr. Tae Hyung Kim, chair of removable prosthodontics in the division of restorative science at the Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of the University of […]

IKEA Unveils Robotic Furniture Line

The furniture industry has come a long way with the help of modern technology. Many of the schools are now equipped with ergonomic high school furniture thanks to innovations in technology. To take it up a notch, Ikea revealed their new line of furniture which was made following a robotic concept. The main goal is […]

New Technology For Better Trucking Company

Modern on board technologies are making a huge difference in the trucking business. Trucking companies that choose to incorporate the new technologies in their business have an edge over their competitors that refuse to embrace modernity. Some old-timers in the world of trucking believe that sticking to the traditional way to do the business is […]

The Future Still Bright For Solar In Spite Of Job Declines

With occasional cleaning and maintenance check-ups through the solar installers on the Gold Coast, solar power systems could last for about 25 years. Solar power nowadays is in great demand because it is a popular feature that increases the value of a home. This is not surprising because everyone wants to enjoy free electricity from […]

How To Choose Supplier For Identity Cards In Australia

Identification cards are important among members of organizations, schools, clubs and other groups. And identification card concretizes the legitimacy of one’s membership to an organization or group. There are different types of identity cards in Australia that you can order. To save your budget, you can design your identity card and purchase a printer. However, […]

3 Tips In Buying A New Boiler

If you live in an area with winter or cold season, chances are, you would need a central heating system for your home. If this is the first time that you will be buying a new boiler, take a look at the following tips in order for you to get the perfect boiler that suits […]

Who Should Take Windows Server Training Courses

Windows Server is composed of a group of operating systems developed and designed by Microsoft. It supports data storage, small and medium enterprise management, communications and applications. While the previous versions of Windows Server centred on networking, stability, security and certain enhancements on the file system, the latest release of Windows Server centres on cloud […]

How To Determine Reputable Crusher Manufacturer

A crusher manufacturer is not hard to find but what is challenging is finding the right manufacturer that would actually deliver your expectations. A crusher can cost from a few hundreds of dollars to thousands and if you would not be meticulous in choosing a crusher maker for your industrial applications, you just might put […]

Here’s Why Maps Have Always Been Important

Maybe map making isn’t as popular as it used be but there was a time when people greatly relied on maps in shaping what the world is now. Maps have played a great role in shaping societies, cultures and even people. Throughout human history, maps have shown to be the most effective form of communication. […]

Young Indian Invents App For Repair Services

An Indian invented an Uber-like app except that, instead of looking for rides, the app looks for electricians and appliance repair technicians. It started when Harmin Shah moved to Mumbai last year. He noticed that the air-conditioning at his apartment was always busted. He kept on calling for technicians to fix it. Yet, the local […]

Suburb In North Leeds To Receive Boost

Plans in making the suburb Headingley, a town north of Leeds, a Business Improvement District is being discussed by the company bosses as well as the community leaders of the town. Headingley Development Trust together with the local councilors are in the process of consulting the existing businesses in town to get their opinion on […]

Online Retailing: A Boom In Africa

Two years ago, the sales in electronic commerce reached over $1 trillion. This figure has risen and will continue to rise. No wonder, there are a lots of entrepreneurs who ventured online. Along with the boom in electronic retailing is also the promising path of the web design industry. This industry is indispensable when one […]

Who Hacked Pentagon’s Twitter Account?

Last Monday, the account twitter account of Pentagon was hacked. The primary United States military commando unit is not immune to hacking. The Mastermind It was the “CyberCaliphate” group of hackers that attacked the Pentagon twitter. This group was founded by Junaid Hussain, a British national. He was the same guy who hacked into Britain’s […]