Changing Honeymoon Industry In India

There is a new emerging trend in the honeymoon industry of India. There has been a significant increase to the number of newlyweds that are travelling and opting for romantic getaways. One of the most common choices for couples is to go on a honeymoon in Hua Hin because the district is one of the unexplored beauties that Thailand has to offer.

Until recently, newlywed couples in India prefer to stay within the country for their honeymoon. Despite the fact that there are many beautiful tourist spots all over the globe, India is still considered the number choice for honeymooners. This is because weddings are considered huge events and for Indians, the event costs a lot of money to prepare for. The same amount of preparation is given by Indian couples when deciding for their honeymoon.

Weddings are held the entire year thus honeymoon is a big part of the hospitality industry of India and is considered a very profitable business. India is the top choice for honeymooners because of the number of things that couple could experience together such as the Kerala with its calm backwaters, Udaipur with its beautiful kingdom and Goa, the most popular destination.

Gone are the days when honeymooners dream of going to iconic locations such as Paris and Singapore. They now prefer to explore the undiscovered parts of the world that can give them exotic travel experiences. It is important to be aware that newlyweds honeymoon travel destinations are influenced by the latest trend in social media or the images they see being posted online.

Millenials are now choosing picture-worthy locations that they can post online for their friends and connections to “like” and view. This is why many brands are using social media influencers because of the effect they have on the public users of internet.

In average, newlyweds spend between 8 and 12 days for their honeymoon travels. Many are opting for packages offered to honeymoon in Hua Hin, Thailand or European countries. The rest are after famous overseas destinations such as London, Singapore, Prague, Switzerland, Tuscany and many others.