China’s Version Of The Internet

Before the internet, finding a service provider means you need to ask your friends from the same industry. They will recommend someone that they have worked with in the past. Nowadays, you simply type map art on the search box and you will be able to view the websites of hundreds if not thousands of map illustrators all over the world.

China has its own versions of popular sites like Google, Amazon and Facebook. Baidu is China’s search engine. Alibaba is the Chinese version of Amazon and Renren is their social networking service similar to Facebook. China has a Great Firewall software the blocks most of Google services and social media networks. In simple terms, China’s internet is cut off from the rest of the world.

It used to be difficult for anyone to peek over the Great Firewall; however, virtual private networks or VPN’s allowed thousands or maybe millions to gain access to the World Wide Web. VPN’s have created an encrypted tunnel from inside China to access networks all over the world. However, when more and more people developed software to tunnel through the Great Firewall, they started to be arrested.

In December 2015, China hosted what it called as the Second World Internet Conference where China President Xi Jinping announced his vision on the future of the internet. Xi argued that the internet is not a domain that is beyond the rule of law and that the right of individual countries to choose their own path for cyber development must be respected.

The question is who rules the internet? People all over the world agree on banning obscene images for children and the uploading of pornographic pictures including revealing personal data for revenge. However, the laws of Germany are definitely different than the UK when it comes to violence, nudity, music piracy and films that violate offline laws.

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