Choices That Cheapen A Home

A well-considered styled home definitely takes time. It is frustrating when a homeowner finds out that there is something off or missing in the finishing touches.

When a project is almost done, style choices like a position of a sofa or a coffee table being too low might seem unimportant. However, experts note that some subtle mistakes can cost a room to look cheap. Even when there is a great vintage artwork or a statement sofa, these can seem insignificant when something like the size of a carpet undermines the whole space.

Here are the top 3 styling choices that cheapen a home.


Ill-fitting home furniture

It is rare to have to furnish houses from the beginning. When items are accumulated over years, one main elements is overlooked: scale. Bobby Berk mentions that getting a scale wrong for furniture or moldings can make anyone feel that something is definitely off.

To fix this, a close attention should be given to the height and size of any existing decor. Berk says that all the elements in the room, their scale and how each element relates to each other should be considered. Bathrooms & More Store can provide help with great looking furniture pieces for any home.


Dated accessories in the bathroom

Berk says that dated accessories in the bathroom is his biggest faux pas. He states toilet rugs and lid covers as a two examples.

To fix this, a homeowner needs to make sure to update these frequently as these are breeding grounds for bacteria. Berk recommends a rectangular rug or flat weave. He adds that it should be placed near the shower door or in front of a vanity by the sink.


Stock hardware

An IKEA hack is to update hardware so as to elevate a night stand or inexpensive cabinet instantly. Lisa Adams of the LA Closet Design mentions that this is a way to have an A-list look without breaking the bank.

To fix this, upgrade the stock hardware from dressers and cabinets. Adams says that replacing door and drawer knobs to decorative and better quality ones should be done.