Components Of A LED Strip Lighting Kit

LED strip lighting is the most preferred lighting solution preferred by many homeowners and electricians. They are available in a huge range of options to suit the interior and exterior lighting requirements. The lower energy consumption and high durability are the main causes for the rising popularity of LED strip lighting. These strips can be cut to length or bend at the corners and is the most flexible lighting solution. They are used for a whole range of purposes at homes and outdoors.

However, installing LED strips requires some extra components such as connectors, extra wire, dimmers etc. Shopping for all these accessories sometimes may seem to be time consuming and costly. A better idea to get the LED strips and accessories easily is to opt for LED strip lighting kits, which consist of all the accessories required for installation of LEDs.

You can opt to buy the pre-made kits available at the LED lighting stores or create a perfect kit yourself by picking up all the required components. Here are the components you have to pick up to create a custom kit.

  1. LED strip Light – it is the main component of your LED strip lighting kit; choose a LED strip depending upon your requirements. LED strips are available in a wide range of colours and multicolour options too are available. Consider the length, brightness and Kelvin of the light strip and choose the one, which best matches your requirement. It is best to choose LED with waterproof layer, if you are planning to use them outdoors.
  2. Power Supply – it is also called as the driver. The driver is responsible to convert the mains voltage to the required voltage for the LED strip. The driver is a major component in strip light that is connected directly to the strip. This driver is wired into the mains electricity to provide the required power for lighting up the strip.
  3. Dimmers and remote controls – Include these components in your LED strip lighting kit, if you are opting for multicolour or RGB strips. Some single colour strips also come with a remote.
  4. Cables and connectors – These components make installation of LED strips easy. They help in connecting different strips and bridge gaps between the strips around the corners.
  5. Strip light casing – They provide good aesthetic appeal to your LED strip. Also known as aluminium profiles, they form an important component of LED strip lighting kit, if you are installing LED strips in plain sight.