Couple Built Self-Catering Business From An Old Farm

Business has been booming for a couple who turned some old farm buildings into luxurious apartments, which are like luxury self catering accommodation in Scotland. The enterprise started when husband and wife Ove and Grethe Andersen, 54 and 53 years old respectively, invested £200,000 into a business, located at Throns Farm, Thorns Lane, Barrowby, that would yield them an annual income of £50,000. So successful was their invested that it had attracted interest from all over the country.

Old barns and stables

The site was so near the A1 road that the couple almost didn’t push through with the enterprise. However, when they decided to drive down from the road to the site, they saw it as something of a woodland oasis that was accessible.

They saw a few outbuildings, which looked horrible gathering dust without being utilized for their purpose whatsoever.

Ove had the experience of staying at hotels a lot due to work. He never felt comfortable doing so as he had to be accustomed to new rooms and accommodations weekly. From this experience came the idea of building apartments that Ove would love to stay in.

So, in 2008, Ove and Grethe started by having converted into two apartments a whole row of old stables. Four years later, they expanded by turning some of the buildings near the old stables into two more apartments.

As success was building up, three new apartments were erected from scratch to accommodate growing demands. All of these are located on a 73-acre site, majority of which is woodland.

Home away from home

Each room is similar to flats with their own kitchen, bathroom, living room, and front door.

Now, the couple claims to have people, from all over the country, who have been staying with them for three years due to the abundance of people who work nearby but away from home. These people come from places like North Wales, Devon, Newcastle, and Manchester.

Most of their guests stay for the whole weekday and go home for the weekend. A lot of them come back every week for several years while others just stay a single week.

Weekends aren’t so boring either as some guests stay the whole week or just have their family to visit them for the weekend. Some guests stay the weekend to attend events within the area or to visit friend and family.

It’s a business that makes people feel at home because of the kitchen. Guests can help themselves by bringing their own food or by cooking. But the accommodation provides free breakfast everyday.