Creative Uses For Brown Paper Bags You May Not Know About

There is no denying how useful brown paper bags can be. First and foremost, they provide you with undeniable convenience especially whenever you are shopping for groceries. These brown paper bags would help you carry the items that you had bought while keeping them safe at the same time. They make for good wrapping materials and decorating materials, particularly with gifts.

Lastly, these paper bags are a good alternative to plastic bags since they have less harmful effects on the environment. Unfortunately, when these paper bags pileup, it would be hard to dispose of them because if you throw them away, they would likely end up on the streets, or in landfills which can add to the increasing problem with pollution. So the most effective thing to do is to find some ways to reuse these paper bags.

There are a number of ways brown paper bags can be used that you might not know about so if you don’t know where to start, check out these creative brown paper bag uses below.

  • First, you may not be aware of this, but you can actually ripen a number of fruits like peaches, avocado, apples, pears and tomatoes if you place them inside a brown paper bag. The components of the paper help retain the natural gases that would eventually ripen the fruit. If you refrigerate them, the ripening would stop.
  • Brown paper bags can be used alongside a dust mop to shake off the dust and dirt in the house. You can do this by tying the Paper Mart papers bags over the head of the dust mop.
  • If you had just finished frying, you can place the food on a brown paper bag for it to dry. Also, you can the brown paper bag to cool freshly baked cookies.
  • If you place a 10-inch strip of brown paper bag along the back seat of your stirring wheel, you can help it keep cool even under intense heat so that it remains touchable.

You can also use brown paper bags to make your kids happy. You can cut holes on them for your kids to use as masks. Kids also love to blow them and then smash them.