Demand For Office Fitouts In Canberra Rises As ACT Consolidates Public Service Offices

Increase in the requirement for office fitouts in Canberra is expected in the later part of 2020.

This as the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) government based in this city is in the process of consolidating its public service offices in Civic and Dickson areas.

The territory’s 2,700 civil servants are to be moved to new office blocks expected to be completed towards the end of next year:one located in Challis Street, the other at Constitution Avenue.

However, it is certain that civil offices will not be confined in these two office blocks since ACT government has issued bid calls for more office spaces in Canberra’s center. As can be gathered from tender documents issued by ACT, many work groups could not be accommodated in these buildings when completed due to reasons related to their functions and operations.

ACT officials prefer that the civil workforce consolidation’s space requirement of 7,000 to 9,000 square meters will be accommodated in one building in Canberra’s business center. According to the government tender document, the intention would be to fuse leases and minimize overall requirement for space by sharing facilities. The decision would depend on the prospective properties’ cost of lease, location and quality . If space requirement could not be met in one area, government will look into the possibility of distributing the office spaces in several buildings in the vicinity.

The selected properties should have energy rating of 4.5 stars in the minimum for new buildings.In addition it should have additional features, like wellness and bicycle storage facilities.Example to this is the government’s requirement of 1,300 and 1,500 square meterspacesnear to Civic’s transport and areas for customer service and meetings.

Other offices may be accommodated in areas measuring not more than 1,000 square meters.The government would be leasing selected buildings for 10 years, and has the option to stretch the rent to another five years.With this picture, the forecast for the need of more office spaces in the Canberra area would increase in the near future.

Earlier, the Property Council of ACT predicted a rise in office accommodation demands in 2019.Noticeably, Civic area’s vacancy rates in January were 11 per cent, which is lower compared to last year’s 13.2 per cent.It is higher though than the country’s overall rate of 8.5 per cent.

A surge in the requirement for office fitouts in Canberra is expected to follow the rising demand for office spaces.