Designer Balloons Studio Now Have Their Own Website

Designer Balloons Studio is a business that provides their clients balloon décor services and various supplies for parties and events. The company recently released an interactive website where in customers will have an opportunity to bring to life their visions for an upcoming party or event. A custom web design is now essential for every business to be able to complete with other businesses.

The site is located at and it is now fully operational. Customers can use the website to buy different balloons and packages in creative displays such as table arrangements, bouquets, arches and centerpieces. Purchase is easily done by just clicking a few buttons. Customers have the option to buy the balloons the need based on their party theme, design and colours.

Designer Balloons’ owner, Barbara Spence, refers to the site as a one-stop shop because it does not offer balloons alone but there are also various party supplies such as plates, napkins and cups. She is excited about this new venture and believes that the business will grow even more because customers have access to the internet nowadays. Customers are more likely to order the things they need wherever and whenever they may be.

The website is essential for Designer Balloons Studio because they left their trademark shop which is originally located in Paget’s Lover’s Lane. That was 16 months ago and now their new shop is quite far from Hamilton in its new location in Warwick’s Tribe Road.

Ms. Spence is happy because their loyal customers from Lover’s Lane are still with them because they already know the quality products they provide. They wanted to try something new in their new location and to attract new customers at the same time. She said that there are people who don’t know their new location and they don’t realize the wide array of services they offer.

Ms. Spence started the business almost 12 years ago and their goal while making the website is to provide minimalism and user-friendly. The custom web design is created with the customers in mind. For every order placed, the company sends an email confirmation to the buyer.