Digital Media And Marketing Predictions For This Year

Last year, there was a shift in technology, digital marketing and social media. The internet started to be everything about video, the influencer marketing got mainstream, and digital marketers are finding a way in order to connect the business outcomes with their efforts in social media.

The Social Times asked several digital marketing and technology specialists about their predictions this year. Here are the things they said.


According to Adam Berke, the CMO and president of AdRoll, marketing technology is going to lead to democratization for video.

He said that the advances in terms of marketing technology made tools more accurate, more effective and cheaper, giving the small and medium sized marketers access to powerful technology without the need for large budgets like Fortune 500 counterparts.


MediaMath’s CEO and founder Joe Zawadzki believes that 2017 is going to be the age for attribution.

He said that the marketers sign up for the outcomes in their organizations. Programmatic done right has attributes basing on impacts on real business goals, and it allows marketers to see through the different partners and channels.

Predictive analytics

Momchil Kyurkchiev, the CEO of Leanplum, said that predictive analytics is going to be greater than just a customer service tool.

He said that the smart applications are going to already anticipate user needs proactively in order to satisfy a moment. Predictive analytics will not longer be just an add-on, it will be a must-have in order to understand users and retain them.

Influencer marketing

Rob Perry, the CEO of Xomad, said that real-world and live initiatives are going to fight the absence of authenticity, and the brands are going to turn to the micro-influencers in order to create authenticity.

For him, the brands are going to depend on the real-world influencers to create a more organic and non-scripted content having higher engagement. The agencies will move toward real-time social media tools and live streaming.


With these predictions, it is important that a business’ online marketing company are prepared for the changes and shifts in digital media and marketing this year to fully assist brand success in 2017.