DTI Group Wins CCTV Contract For Melbourne Trains

Western Australia security system provider, DTI Group, which handles CCTV Bunbury and across the state, and operates across the AU. They’ve recently won a contract, valued at $5.85m, for the responsibility of providing a surveillance and passenger information system for Melbourne’s train network.

The deal was inked by the company with Metro Trains Melbourne, the company that operates a fleet of trains in the Victorian capital, with 223 trains on 965km of track.

As part of the agreement, DTI will be supplying and installing an integrated CCTV surveillance and passenger information system on Melbourne’s Comeng-built trains, which number at 58 units. Part of the deals terms will be that the systems will be delivered over 18 months, to start from June of 2019.

The DTI Group described the systems that will be installed on each train; a ruggedized digital surveillance system, which has an built-in multifunction 4G, LTE, 802.11 a/b/g/n router, two trasnit rated power over ethernet network switches, a pair each of hearing aid loop amplifiers, driver display units, frontal displays, PA amplifiers, and, finally, 12 high-def cameras and six internal displays.

The company says that acquiring this contract is a sign of their strong performance; their ability to retrofit as well as deliver into complex rail projects.

The Perth based security provider has clients across the world, handling more than just CCTV Bunbury and across the state of Western Australia, with clientele consisting of freight operators, transit agencies and operators, taxi organizations,, and even some law enforcement authorities. DTI’s products and services include, but are not limited to, on-board recording equipment, end-to-end managed services,  back-end mass storage and retrieval facilities among others.

The company’s recent projects include to supplying of surveillance systems for transit networks across the world, particularly, the ones in San Francisco in the US, Marseille in France, as well as South Africa’s Cape Town.

Locally, DTI also supplied the rail systems and level crossing systems for the Rio Tinto autonomous train project in Western Australia.

Following the reveal of the company’s acquisition of the contract, DTI shares rose by 13.89% up to $0.082 by the mid-afternoon trade.