Electric Vespa Priced At Over $7,000

The first electric scooter by Vespa was announced more than two years ago. After all the waiting, the company has announced the electric Vespa for sale in Europe but everyone might not be happy with the price tag. According to Piaggio, the parent company of Vespa, the first electric version of the iconic scooter will have a starting price of €6,390 which is equivalent to more than $7,300 in US dollars.

The price is times two compared to the cheapest Vespas available in the market that are gas-powered. For those who are in Europe, preorders were opened October of the previous year but the ship date for the electric scooters were set at the end of 2018. For customers who are dreaming to get their hands on this electric scooter but residing in China and the United States, the company will be rolling out units at the beginning of 2019.

The electric version is called Vespa Elettrica and it has mile-range of around 62. In order to full charge the battery, it needs to be connected to a regular wall outlet for at least four hours. The battery pack is guaranteed to have a lifetime of 10 years of regular riding. The electric scooter has a peak power of 4kW which is equivalent to 5.2 hp. This rate is almost the same as the peak power of a 50cc scooter. The only difference is that the range is three times lower compared to scooters thatare gas-powered. Another feature boasted by the electric Vespa is the 4.3 inches TFT screen display located at the center of the handlebars.

In 2017, the companyPiaggio also announced during the Milan Motorcycle show that they are developing the ElettricaX which is a hybrid of the electric Vespa. It was not detailed yet how much the price range will be but it is clear that this new model will not be all-electric since it will come equipped with a small gas generator. The generator is supposed to extend the scooter’s range by around 124 miles. The electric version of Vespa for sale can now be found in European market.