Elimination Of California’s State-Level Car Regulations Could Hurt The Auto Industry

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Meanwhile, it looks like cars will become cheaper in California due to Trump’s latest move to rollback California’s state level car regulations. It is supposed to help automakers but they do not want lower standards. Automakers have already invested fortunes to new green technology.

In his speech at Environmental Protection Agency, Trump announced that California’s rule that sets stricter gas mileage standards will be eliminated. California has the most vehicles on roads than any other state and this means that the state will be seriously affected including Washington DC and a dozen other states that are following California’s emission guidelines.

However, the argument of Trump’s administration is the new policy is consumer and business friendly. Cars will be become cheaper and safer while standardizing the auto industry. As many more cars will be produced under the new and uniform standard, there will be more jobs for Americans. Trump’s tweet said that automakers must seize the opportunity because without the alternative provided to California, automakers will be out of business.

On the other hand, industry experts consider the president’s policy as short-sighted. Automakers have already made major changes in their factories to be able to meet the guidelines and another change will disrupt the production plans of automakers.

The Motor & Equipment Manufacturer’s Association said that the policy could hurt the auto industry’s competitiveness and could damage the industry’s ability to invest and plan for the future. Car companies may be forced to develop a fleet of cars for the US and a different one for other countries.

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