Emirate Releases New Aircraft Sport Expo 2020 Dubai Livery

For vehicles that’ll be exposed to less than ideal weather, waterproof stickers¬† are mandatory, and, while airplanes won’t always travel through turbulence, it helps to make sure its livery is ready to handle it, especially if they’re sporting colours for something huge.

Which is exactly the case with the new Emirates aeroplane, their Emirates Boeing 777-300ER, designated A6-EPK, the first aircraft in the Emirates air fleet that sports livery dedicated to the Expo 2020 Dubai, which Emirates supports as the event’s Official Airline Partner.

As part of the promotion of the Expo 2020, Emirates will be applying three new livery schemes reflective of the different themes of the event: opportunity, mobility and sustainability. The ‘mobility’ livery was the first to be installed, which the company chose as it harkens to their role as a transportation company that connects people, places and opportunities. The primary theme of Expo 2020 Dubai revolves around the slogan ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’.

Chairman of the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority and the Emirates Group’s CEO, H.H. Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum said that the Expo 2020 Dubat will be a very useful event for the exchange of ideas, collaborations, and partnerships across a wide range of domains and fields. He says that they are looking to gear up for this big event, working to champion the event’s slogan through their new livery that they’ll be installing on their aeroplanes.

The Minister of State for International Cooperation and the Expo 2020 Dubai’s Board Director-General, Reem bint Ibrahim Al Hashimy, says that the board is excited, their first Premier Partner, to show their backing for the Expo via bold colours in their waterproof stickers¬† and livery. They are saying that they plan to hold the first World Expo in a key travel hub in the country, and they are looking to promote their event. By applying their livery, Emirates is doing much to promote their event.

Emirates will emblazon 40 aircrafts in its fleet, their Airbus A380s and Boeing 777s, with the livery for the Expo 2020 Dubai, complimented with new nose decal. The livery will stay on the aircraft until the end of the event.