EU Motorcycle Market Looking Forward To More Growth

According to data that has been collected from 37 markets including Russia and Turkey, the European Motorcycle Industry is enjoying 20% increase in sales which is quite impressive. While Japanese motorcycle manufacturers are shifting their attention to mass markets, European manufacturers are focusing on premium products. It is a fact passionate riders are still looking for Moto Guzzi for sale in the UK because it is a joy ride.

During the 4th quarter of 2018, the European economy has experienced tough times due to the uncertainty of Brexit. However, there are still signs of stability because unemployment rates in Europe continue to be low. Inflation has been kept at bay because of the low prices of oil.

Right now the motorcycle market in Europe is doing quite well. Growth is beyond expectations particularly in electric-powered motorcycles. While the economic environment cannot be considered as great, the motorcycle segment is looking forward to more growth in the coming years. In the 1st quarter of 2019, most of the growth came from the scooter segment. The electric MC segment however has experienced the highest growth at about 42.3%.

The growth in sales is positive with environmentally-friendly motorbikes enjoying the highest sales. The coming Euro 5 environmental standard will ensure that motorbikes in the EU will comply with the higher standards of environmental sustainability. The MC sector in EU is looking forward to a more promising year with the recent adoption of clean energy motorcycles.

It is also worth noting that growth is taking place in spite of the tariffs imposed by the US market on European motorcycles. The bike war that was instigated by the US over tariffs has actually added to interest on bikes. The motorcycle industry in the EU is also prepared to meet technological challenge and is committed to creating more desirable bikes for the European customers.

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