Euromonitor: Skincare Products To Cover 1/3 Of Beauty Sales By 2019

Zkin Organics Natural Skincare Products – is only one of many skincare companies and brands that have set forth to make changes in the industry of beauty sales. Last year, the entirety of Beauty products have managed to earn a total amount of $465 Billion. This was from Euromonitor International, a company dedicate solely to market research. The amount was in the latest data they have released for personal care and beauty.

Skincare has continuously topped the list of contributors to this huge sum of money. Euromonitor also shared that they are expecting that the Skincare products would surely still be the greatest contributor to the beauty product sales, with a whopping $130 Billion expected money to be generated by 2019. They also added that the skincare sector is ever-growing and products from them are still becoming more and more entertained by people.

According to their research as well, more people are willing to splurge some money for skincare rather than cosmetic products, hair products etc. From 2009 to last year, 2014, the Skincare stayed at holding 23% of the Beauty Sales Worldwide, however, after these vast changes, it is expected that they will definitely hold 1/3 of the Global Beauty Market by 2019.
The founder of Zkin Organics Natural Skincare Products also shared that as products are also facing innovations, people’s expectations are also experiencing dramatic and inevitable changes. She also added that their Zkin Organics Natural Skincare products tend to quench what consumers are looking for which is a product purely organic, but without a compromised result.

There are also other companies that shared, that the innovation happening with technology also allowed beauty and skincare products to grow exponentially. Three or more different results can be combined into one product – giving customers a more efficient and effective skincare approach that they definitely grew fond of.
The Skincare products are still definitely growing. Healthier and more effective approaches are being researched thoroughly, guaranteeing consumers that their skins are at good hands. With this eminent innovations happening, it is without a doubt that the Euromonitor’s expectation may really end up happening by 2019.