Expedite A Sale Through Simple Home Improvements

Scuffed wood paneling and worn out carpets are simply a no-no because home buyers have become more discerning. Educated buyers want to simply drop their bags and start with a new life in a house with a move-in condition.

For years, houses that required a little tender loving care were highly in demand and home buyers did not mind undertaking several do-it-yourself projects in the hope of flipping a home and earning a nice profit. However, according to Fiona Dogan, a licensed realtor in the Rye office of Julia B. Fee Sotheby’s International Realty, buyers today want their homes in move-in condition.

Location used to be the factor that spurred a major decision but today, if the house is not in perfect condition, nobody would want to touch it even if it is the best on the street. Millennials, that make up the largest group of buyers in the past year or so, prefer a home that is already polished and not in the rough. Millennials   are working overtime on their careers and they are obviously spoiled by all the reality TV shows where homes can be improved and beautified in just half an hour.

Home improvement should not be an expensive undertaking. Sprucing up can cost between a few hundred dollars for light staging to thousands of dollars for major improvements. However, the investment will translate into a much higher selling price. In order to gain better ROI it makes sense to buy fixture and furnishings from mid-range sources like Home Depot than high end stores where most of the products are customized to appeal to specific tastes.

Two areas that help sway a home buyer are bathrooms and kitchens. If you pay $50 to $100,000 on a bathroom or kitchen, the selling price might go up to $300,000 up to $400,000. Abbie and John Morrison spent $18,000 on repainting, refreshing bathroom tiles and replacing carpeting and fixtures which boosted their asking price $200,000 and beyond.

If you want a house to look like a model home, pay a visit to Perth home extensions. The entire improvement process will be invested with quality, creativity and craftsmanship from a company with 27 years of excellence.