Family Ties: A Secret To Successful Electrical Business

Jim’s Electric Company was named after Jim Grant but he was not the one who founded the business. The company is a family business which was established back in 1976 by Grant together with his wife named Nancy. They have two sons who are very much involved in their family business – Jesse and Tony – while their father assumes the presidency. Jesse Grant was given the vice presidency while Tony Grant manages the general operations of the business. Nancy Grant, on the other hand, decided to retire.

It was only last year that the company celebrated its 40 years in operation. The main headquarter can be found in Baxter but they have local phone numbers on both Little Falls and Crosslake because of the frequency of their business in the areas.

Jim Grant shared that the company started because of the support as well as belief of a close friend of the family. Grant was already employed as an electrician but fears that he might lose his job due to the tax issues that his employer is facing. He was already thinking of other job options when he met Gordon Benson, a family friend for the longest time. Benson talked to him during the graduation party of his sister.

Grant shared to Benson his current problems at work and this is when Benson suggested that he should start his own company. Grant thinks it was a nice suggestion except for the fact that he has no money but Benson offered to support him should he start a business. A month after the meeting, Jim’s Electric was founded.

Jesse Grant shared that the first office they had was only a small space in the dining room of the trailer house where the family lives. Jim Grant revealed that their original warehouse was a garage with five stall and dirt floor which was for rent.

Jim looks back and said that the company succeeded because of the hard work put into it, the good people he met and worked for him, his mentors and the most essential driving force is the support given by his family which is also the very reason why they provide quality electrical services. This is a quality that many consumers would want when they hire electrical services in Perth.