Faster Delivery A Challenge In Curbing Emissions

Based on the latest report published by the National Infrastructure Commission of United Kingdom, the main reason why they are not able to decrease emissions contributed by the supply chain sector is the growing need from specialist logistics solutions to provide businesses and consumers for faster deliveries. This is also a factor as to why the road traffic continues to worsen.

In a study that lasted for 12 months which was sponsored by the national government of UK, it was discovered that if the country plans to achieve the desired level of decarbonizing with regards to the supply chain before 2050, they must take into account freight transport when they are planning for the infrastructure.

The market for logistics is one of the most competitive but its profit margins are also very tight. Therefore, the freight industry must do everything it can in order to eliminate overhead operations costs. The report by the NIC also indicated that the incentives provided by the government to decrease impact to the environment are only up to a certain point. Thus, it was concluded by the commission that if the industry is to be left alone to repair itself, these issues are not going to be solved nor will it be given the highest priority.

Report from the NIC indicated that if there is no proper action taken, the congestion caused by freight transport and its participation in carbon emissions will continue to become an issue in the country. The answer this is through long-term targets with the help of advanced technologies. Different levels of the government should coordinate by exchanging data in order to come up with the right solution.

For the year 2016 alone, over 1.5 billion tons of products were delivered all over United Kingdom. Of this number, more than three-fourths were delivered via road access. The problem is that road freight contributes not only to traffic congestion but also carbon emissions.

This is why all providers of specialist logistics solutions must adhere to the standard set by the government and their heavy trucks must be updated with the latest innovation as soon as they are rolled out in the market.