The Fate Of Paycom Software Inc In The Stock Market

Paycom Software Inc or PAYC recently recorded a very unusual number of call trades because it is much higher than usual with 1,835 contracts. An active buyer is assumed to have bought a lot for this month of January with an expectation that they will be able to get serious increase in their PAYC stocks. Ever since June of last year, the company stocks have risen by 14.36 per cent and continue to have an upward trend. It has already surpassed S&P500 by 6.58 per cent.

Analysts are already excited about the earnings report which will be submitted by Paycom Software Inc by February. There are 10 analysts that are covering Paycom Software and 9 of them are rating for Buy while the other is choosing Hold. There was no vote for Sell. It only means that 90 per cent of them are quite positive about the company’s future. The highest target is set at $55 while the lowest is set at $34.

In a statement released by Zacks Investment Research, Paycom Software Inc specializes in providing software solution regarding human capital management but these are all cloud based. The service is delivered in the form of software. The software does not only provide functionality but it also helps the business with data analytics in order for the company to manage the entire employment lie cycle which starts at recruitment and ends in retirement. The HCM solution provided by the company is quite popular because it is suitable in different applications such as talent acquisition, how to manage time and labor and the employee’s payroll. Aside from these, the HCM solution is also perfect to be used in applications of talent and HR management. Paycom Software Inc is based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Because of the booming HR management software developed by the company, it now has a market cap of $2.83 billion. The solution that they created is based mainly on a system where records are all kept in a single database that does the HCM functions such as HR management, time and labor management, talent acquisition and payroll among many others.