Fitzpatricks Group Acquires Firm Of Financial Adviser In Australia

Like it or not, money is an important thing in every human’s life. It’s basically something that we use to buy essentials such as food, clothing and also, to be able to pay the basic utilities in life such water and electricity bills. Without the presence of money, how can you survive life? Without money, we cannot go out of the house and buy the things that we desire. Or at the very least, we won’t be living life as we are living it right now. And as Dominic Toretto said it once, “Money come and go,” That is why regardless of your financial standing in life or even your career path that you are tackling at this very moment in time, it’s very important that you have someone who is guiding you in your finances because managing our money is not an easy thing to begin with. Sure, you can ask help from friends and family members who have viable knowledge as to where to best put your hard-earned bucks but it’s also a good practice that you talk to a licensed financial adviser in Australia from time to time who is someone who can advise you about a wide variety of things that is related to finance.

According to a report that was released earlier today, the Fitzpatricks Group has successfully made the purchase of a Melbourne-based firm from which you can talk to a licensed financial adviser in Australia.   The said purchase was completed following Fitzpatricks’ fresh capital injection from the Quadrant Private Equity and Yorkway Capital Partners. The purchase of the firm, known as the Retirement Victoria, an ANZ-aligned advising firm that used to specialize in providing retirement planning, financial planning and risk insurance services, has enabled Fitzpatricks Group to gain more than 3,500 additional clients to tend to. In fact, the officials of Fitzpatricks Group are delighted because the said purchase of Retirement Victoria is another stepping stone for the company’s mission towards extension. In return, officials and advisers from Retirement Victoria have announced that they are pleased with the purchase and are eager to help Fitzpatricks to secure a smooth transition and to work hand-in-hand for a brighter future for both firms.