Five Different Varieties Of Car Tyres

Tyres are an important part of a car. They provide the correct contact between the car and the road, and absorb all the shock from the bumps and dips on the road. They help the drivers to steer straight on the road without dragging the vehicle to one side.

Choosing proper tyres is very essential for optimum performance of a vehicle. If you are looking to change the tyres of your car, visit reputed shops for cheap tyres in Brisbane to get high-quality premium tyres for all vehicles.

Car owners are often confused on how to choose the best tyres for their vehicle. There are many varieties in tyres depending on the tyre material, specialist applications and vehicle specifications. If you want to change the manufacturer fitted tyres of your car, just walk into an authorized dealership for new and used, cheap tyres in Brisbane, that can guide on the different options available and help you pick the right tyres to suit your requirement and budget.  You can choose between these different types of tyres

  1. All season tyres which provide ultimate driving efficiency throughout the year. These tyres perform well on all road conditions. Most of the vehicles are fitted with all season tyres.
  2. Snow tyres also called winter tyres are suitable for places which witness harsh winters. These tyres provide perfect traction on the slippery roads. It is important to remember that, winter wheels should always be purchased in set of fours.
  3. Mud tires, as the name suggests are best suitable for off-road driving. These tyres have heavy tread blocks that perfectly grip the rocky terrain for off-road driving. However, these tyres are not suitable for paved roads. If you are looking for cheap tyres in Brisbane, contact a reputed dealer.
  4. All- terrain tyres are generally found on trucks and SUVs. They are a combined version of road tires and off-road tires. These tyres are suitable for vehicles which are mainly used on paved roads.
  5. Performance tyres are designed for vehicles with higher speeds. These are suitable for sports cars and sedans. They provide dry traction and superb grip, even at high speeds. These tyres are costlier than other models because of the specialized design. If you want to purchase cheap tyres in Brisbane, visit a dealer who sells new and used tyres from reputed manufacturers at discounted prices.