Five Tips To Choose The Right Airport Shuttle

Airports in big cities are located quite far from the city. Travelling to the airport requires a lot of planning, no matter whether you are business traveler, vacationer or frequent traveler. Airport shuttle is one of the options for travelers looking for a safe and economical means of transport to and from the airport.

If you are planning to book an airport shuttle service on your next travel, here are some handy tips that help you to avoid the queues and get the best service.

  1. Book airport shuttle service well in advance. It is advisable to book the shuttle service as soon as you book your air tickets. This will help you to avoid the last minute rush and the long queues at the airport. The shuttle will arrive at the right time to pick you, which saves a lot of time.
  2. Ask your friends who have travelled to the city and search the internet to pick reliable providers of airport shuttle service, in your destination city. Research well, read reviews and feedback from the previous clients of the company. This will help you to get an idea about the standard of service provided by the company. Once you shortlist a few companies, compare their prices and choose the best company with proper licenses and a good record.
  3. Always speak about the waiting policy of the company. Flights tend to get delayed often, the shuttle service company should have proper systems in place to monitor your flight timings and send the shuttle on time. They should be willing to wait if there is an unexpected delay in your arrival.
  4. Inform the company about the number of passengers and luggage at the time of booking. Some companies do not charge extra for luggage while others charge for heavy luggage. It is better to be clear with the luggage policy of your shuttle service beforehand to avoid last minute altercations.
  5. Do not forget to confirm your booking with the airport shuttle service company 24 to 48 days prior to your travel. This helps the company to schedule the shuttle on time. Confirming with the company helps the travelers to avoid last minute hassles due to miscommunication or error.