Four Major Types Of Magnets

Magnets are the objects that generate a magnetic field. The magnetic field generated by a magnet depends upon the shape, size and strength of magnetism. Magnets are made of different metallic elements and their properties depend upon the elements used to manufacture the magnets.

Permanent magnets

The first type of magnets in Brisbane are permanent magnets. Once magnetized, they retain the magnetism permanently. These magnets are the most common type of magnets, we encounter in our day-to-day life. Permanent magnets are manufactured using Ferro magnetic materials. There are four major types of permanent magnets depending on the materials used to make them.

  • Neodymium iron boron – Popularly known as NIB or NdFeB magnets, these are the strongest magnets in Brisbane with high energy and coercive force. They are made using rare –earth magnetic materials and are highly magnetic.
  • Samarium cobalt – These magnets too have high level of magnetism and can withstand huge temperatures. The SmComagnets have high oxidation and have low mechanical strength.
  • Alnico – They are manufactured using aluminium, nickel and cobalt. These magnets in Brisbane can be easily demagnetized and display high levels of temperature resistance. They are produced in casting and sintering techniques, each technique resulting in different properties.
  • Ceramic – These magnets are the easily available and low cost magnets. The Ferrite or ceramic magnets have high mechanical strength and high temperature resistance. These magnets have strong magnetism and cannot be easily demagnetized.

Temporary magnets

These magnets acts a magnets in the presence of a strong magnetic field and tend to lose their magnetism, once they are out of the magnetic field. This type of magnets are used in electric motors and telephones.

Electro magnets

Electro magnets in Brisbane are made using a wire and a magnetic material. The wire is woundaround the magnetic material in loops. When electric current is passed through the wire, the magnetic material gets magnetized and produces strong magnetic field. Electro magnets are generally used in huge cranes and other large equipment.

Super conductors

They are the strongest type of magnets in Brisbane that are made of coils. Special metal alloys are used to produce this type of magnets. These alloys turn into super conductors, when they cooled at very low temperatures.