Getting Locked Out Of Cars Is A Normal Occurrence Says Juan Liz

Getting locked inside your car or accidentally leaving your keys inside your car is a normal thing says Juan Liz, a locksmith from Colorado. In fact, you might not expect it to happen, but it certainly does before you even knew it.

That was what happened to Kristina Arnold who had accidentally locked her car with her keys inside. She says it has never ever happened to her before.

The same thing happened to Mike Reiersgord, a father, when his kids left his keys inside his car. He says that it was a very hopeless feeling.

Arnold backs this up by admitting that she was sad when it happened.

But according to locksmith Juan Liz, it is a normal occurrence for him to get jobs like that. He says that people do those things every day. In fact, Liz’s average jobs per week is about 25-35 jobs.

He says that he gets calls no matter what type of weather it is. He gets calls during sunny days but it is the winter season and the cold that comes with it that frequently locks people’s cars. The locksmiths said that it is because people are always rushing in the morning. Rushing to dry their cars and rushing to drive their kids to school.

Last year, Liz even admitted that he had about 16 calls a day. Talk about making good business.

But although it was making great business, Liz says that is very tough because there was like one car after another while it is very cold and heavily snowing. But on normal days, Liz gets about five to nine calls a day.

With what happened with Arnold and Reiersgord, they definitely had learned their lessons for good and try not to leave their keys again.

People cannot control the situations that they get into but fortunately, there are locksmiths Perth companies like Gronbek Security that help people get out of these unfortunate situations.

Getting locked in or leaving the keys inside can be quite a distressing situation especially when you are out. That is why you should always carry a number for emergency situations to remain safe.