Google Assistant Teams Up With Edwin To Teach English Worldwide

Google Assistant is making efforts to get start up companies on board.


In their plan to include start up companies in the early stage of development to Google Assistant Google has incorporated Edwin—an AI chatbotby Y Combinatorthat can teach people English.


How It Works

Since it is still in its early stages, Edwin can only teach English to Spanish, Hindi, Korean, Japanese, and Russian speakers. Arabic speakers can also study using their beta mode.


To access Edwin, learners simply have to log in to Facebook messenger. Edwin will gauge the learner’s level and design appropriate learning plans for him or her. The learner can practice new words and record their own voice using the app, and compare it with the pronunciation that Edwin provides.  It can even help learners prepare for Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC). These are tests taken by non-native English speakers to certify their English skills to be able to study, work, or migrate to English speaking countries. These exams usually take months and need money to prepare, and Edwin offers it for free.


Future Plans

CEO Dmitry Stavisky wants to widen Edwin’s skills and provide even better educational service to users by developing the program to let users speak directly with Google Assistant and even practice conversational English with the program.


Accessibility and Popularity

Edwin can be accessed through any smartphone with Google Assistant or Google Home speakers. Google Assistant is also available as an app for iOS devices.


Edwin currently has around 800,000 users, most of them from Mexico.


Google Assistant Investments

Edwin is the only educational technology included in the first batch of Google Assistant Investments chosen for the program. There is also GoMoment for hotel guests with inquiries about accomodation.BotSociety is also included, which is used by developers to design virtual assistants, as well as Pulse Labs for testing voice applications with people.


Aside from the exposure that the programs will receive, its developers will also gain access to marketing support, funding, and advice from Google engineers themselves. Google Assistant Investments is still accepting applications for the said program.