Government Support Needed By Tiles And Glass Industry

As of writing, the ceramics, tiles and glass industry in India is already Rs. 50 billion worth yet everyone under the said industry are calling to the government to do something about certain issues. Even foreign companies such as understand where the industry experts are coming from. The industry is now urging the government to take actions since according to them the issues have been present for a long time already. As long as the issues are not solved, it will impact how much the industry is contributing to the growth of the country in terms of socio-economic aspects.

For the very first time, the members of the Sri Lanka Ceramics and Glass Council decided to speak together. They tackled the issues concerning the mining operations done in order to get the raw materials needed, the rise in products that are cheaper since these are sub-standard and the increasing price of oil. The industry believes that they will need incentives in order to further spread the news regarding tiles and glass. As of writing, there are 30,000 individuals who are employed directly while indirect recruitment resulted to 50,000 employees.

For the case of private sector, they have given more than Rs. 100 billion which will be used to extend the capacity and to help shift the industry to technology. The problem is that the industry is not receiving enough support from the government and the resolutions they are highly anticipating has not been supported yet. They have already submitted the recommendations that they think will have positive impact but a no-action from the government is threatening the condition of the industry.

The annual turnover of the industry is more than Rs. 50 billion while exports bring in Rs. 10 billion. The glass and tile industry is the same one where belongs and they have been in a situation before when their efforts were also not given enough attention. The industry is actually amazing because it manages many different mineral resources including red clay, roofing tiles made of red clay, wall tiles, kaolin and terra cotta floor tiles among many others.