Who Hacked Pentagon’s Twitter Account?

Last Monday, the account twitter account of Pentagon was hacked. The primary United States military commando unit is not immune to hacking.

The Mastermind

It was the “CyberCaliphate” group of hackers that attacked the Pentagon twitter. This group was founded by Junaid Hussain, a British national. He was the same guy who hacked into Britain’s former prime minister, Tony Blair’s address book. Hussain pleaded guilty to the hack of the prime minister’s address book.

Junaid Hussain is only 20 years old. According to British intelligence, he moved to Syria two years ago and had been involved in several terroristic acts. Both European and US intelligence are still finding out if the attacks came from Syria.

The hacking group CyberCaliphate expressed support to the Islamic State militant group. Investigators believe that this could be one of the terrorist group’s counter attacks as the United States continues in their bombing raids in the Middle East region.

Effect of the attack

According to a source from Pentagon, the said cyber attack posed no serious threat to the defense system of the United States military forces. Pentagon noted that no sensitive information was compromised during the attack.

Where is the hacker

Hussain could not be reached for information. According to his British wife on Twitter, his husband was killed in a drone attack. However, the United States made no confirmation of his death.

What if

One could not imagine that Pentagon, being one of the most sophisticated agencies in the whole world was hacked by a guy by the age of 20. This just goes to say that information shared online is not really secured. Websites that you visit is prone to being attacked online. Even online retailers are not exempted from this. If you are running an online store, returns will be negative if your system is hacked. Take for example brony.com. It is an e-commerce website. It allows users to choose from a variety of products such as My Little Pony pajamas, My Little Pony clothes and My Little Pony hoodies. In the worst case scenario that the website is hacked, thousands of dollars of daily profit will be lost. Thus, it is important to have your website secured from hackers.