Hayley-Davidson Venturing Into Electric Motorcycle

It is no secret that Harley-Davidson, the legendary American motorcycle manufacturer, has been struggling for a while now. For this reason, the management decided to venture into something that will make riders go crazy over motorcycle riding once again. Aside from the fun of shopping gears at Wheels Motorcycles Clothing Store, the best thing that riders could hear is that Harley-Davidson is launching an electric motorcycle.

A teaser was shown by the motorcycle maker during the EICMA motorcycle show which was held in Milan, Italy. The Europeans are able to get a first glimpse of their electric motorcycle known as the Live Wire. This new venture is a new marketing campaign started by the company to dominate the industry of hybrid and electric motorbikes. This is also an attempt to bring in new customers to the well-known American brand.

It is a big change for the company because it has been known for its trademark hogs – motorcycles that are not only loud but also brash. This made such a big impact to the company that they decided to adopt the HOG as the ticker symbol for the motorbike maker.

With the release of the electric motorcycle, it is a silent way of saying that the company has decided to move on from its image and create a new one. Around 50 per cent of the motorcycle riders are now aged 50 and above.

The struggle of Harley-Davidson was also known to the public. In its most recent report, the company revealed that their earning for quarter three is actually higher than their expected earnings but there is also the undeniable fact that they have lost market share.

Joe Altobello, an analyst from Raymond James, said that the motorbike maker is currently in a tight spot because majority of their loyal customers are ageing and they are struggling to attract the younger generation to love their products. The fact that motorcycle riding is considered dangerous is not helping their case either.

The electric motorcycle is simply a step forward for the company as they are also planning to venture into scooters and eventually bicycles. For now, consumers can get new gears at Wheels Motorcycles Clothing Store as they wait for the commercial release of the company’s electric motorcycle.